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Rock the Way You Like It

Glitz Song List
AC/DC Shoot to Thrill 
  Highway to Hell
  Have a Drink on Me  
  You Shook Me 
Alice in Chains Would 
  Man in the Box 
Beastie Boys Fight for Your Right 
Bon Jovi
  Lay Your Hands on Me  
  Living on a Prayer  
  You Give Love a Bad Name   
Bullet Boys  Smooth Up in Ya
Cinderella   Shake Me 
  Somebody Save Me 
Coney Hatch   Monkey Bars 
Danger Danger   Naughty Naughty 
Def Leppard  Pour Some Sugar on Me  
  Rock of Ages 
Dokken Its Not Love 
Electric Boys  Lips and Lips 
Guns and Roses  Sweet Child of Mine 
  Mr. Brownstone 
  Welcome to the Jungle 
Jackyl  I Stand Alone 
  Down on Me  
Judas Priest Livin After Midnight   
  You Got Another Thing Comin
Kiss  Rock and Roll All Night  
  Lick It Up 
Metallica  Enter Sandman 
  For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood  
  Girls Girls Girls   
  Wild Side   
  Shout at the Devil   
  Looks That Kill   
Ozzy Osbourne  Crazy Train 
Poison Nothing but a Good Time
  Talk Dirty to Me 
  Unskinny Bop 
  Look What the Cat Dragged In 
Quiet Riot  Bang your Head 
Ratt  Round and Round 
Skid Row  Youth Gone Wild 
  Monkey Business 
  Piece of Me 
Tesla Little Suzi 
Twisted Sister  Were Not Gonna Take It 
Ugly Kid Joe  I Hate Everything About You
Van Halen Everybody Wants Some 
Warrant  Cherry Pie 
  Here I Go Again

*New Songs being added all the time*